XUSI was founded in 2020 in Saskatoon, Canada.

What is XUSI (who-zee)

Two Indigenous brothers/entrepreneurs apart of treaty 6 territory located in Saskatoon. Paving a path and empowering connections. Representing a journey from our reserve to a world brimming with opportunities. We strive to create a brand that serves a greater purpose and stands out with its unique values. Our clothing line combines Indigenous, Japanese, and gym wear, delivering powerful messages that resonate in life.
At XUSI, we bring your ideas to life through our expert screen-printing services and offer assistance with design concepts. Whether you're a recreational team in need of uniforms, a company seeking branded apparel for employees, a clothing brand seeking custom designs, or an individual looking for personalized garments, XUSI is here to help.
Join us on this empowering journey of cultural fusion, as we inspire connections, promote Indigenous heritage, and make a meaningful impact through the art of clothing.

Uniting cultures: Creating Allies through fashion

Introducing a unique and inspiring lifestyle clothing brand that
beautifully merges indigenous and Japanese cultures with the vibrant world of
fitness. Our brand embodies the essence of unity, aiming to foster an inclusive
community and create strong alliances with customers from diverse ethnic
backgrounds. Drawing inspiration from the rich traditions and artistic
expressions of indigenous and Japanese cultures, our clothing designs reflect a
harmonious blend of heritage and contemporary styles.

With a deep respect for indigenous traditions and a keen
appreciation for the elegance of Japanese aesthetics, our brand seeks to create
a bridge between these two distinct cultures. We strive to honor the cultural
significance of both indigenous and Japanese communities by weaving their
stories and symbolism into every garment. Through our unique blend of prints,
patterns, and motifs, we aim to celebrate the strength, resilience, and beauty
found in both cultures.

At the core of our brand is the belief that cultural exchange
can build meaningful connections and foster a sense of unity. We invite
individuals of all ethnicities to join us on this journey, embracing our
clothing as a symbol of cultural appreciation and respect. By creating
alliances with customers who may not belong to these ethnicities, we hope to
encourage dialogue, understanding, and an appreciation for the different
cultures of humanity. Together, let's celebrate culture, promote inclusivity,
and empower each other through the fusion of indigenous and Japanese influences
in the fitness industry.

Empowered Connections, Unleash Your Cultural Strength